MEPSEAS Technology Conference

This MEPSEAS event organized by IMO and Singapore MPA will ensure that participants are kept up to date on the latest developments, and communication links are established between the shipping industry, maritime administrations and technology providers.


The event is planned to run over two days and will provide a platform to present, share and discuss the latest available technologies and solutions for:

  1. Ballast water management including, compliance monitoring devices and sampling equipment;
  2. Antifouling systems and the introduction of the new controls; and
  3. Ship-waste management with particular focus on pollution with plastics.

Latest amendments and updates on IMO’s work related to environmental conventions will be presented by IMO Secretariat representatives to set the scene for informed and productive discussions.

In addition to standard presentations on cost effective technology solutions from the world’s leading experts, the Conference will provide an opportunity for technology suppliers to exhibit their latest state-of-the-art products and for the MEPSEAS participating countries to showcase home-grown technologies and explore best partnership opportunities to meet their specific needs.

We welcome interested technology developers and manufacturers from the ASEAN Region and beyond to participate on a first come first serve basis.

To register you interest please contact us here



A collaboration between the Singapore MPA and IMO to develop tools and solutions to help developing countries to reduce the transfer of aquatic invasive species through the implementation of the IMO Guidelines for the control and management of ships’ biofouling. For more information, please visit MEPSEAS | Protecting South-East Asian Seas (


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